Company Profile

Grand Marine Ltd., is a Naval Architecture, Engineering, and Consulting Company based in British Columbia, Canada. Grand Marine is a leading provider of diversified engineering services and solutions. Providing services in the Arabian Gulf, Gulf of Mexico, Pacific Coast, Europe, and India for over 25 years.

Strategy Overview

The Company's objective is to enhance Grand Marine’s position as a leading provider of engineering services to the oil & gas, renewable energy, and shipbuilding industrial sectors. To extend the Company's operations to support the needs of clients across a growing range of sectors and geographies.

Our strategy is to give a clear path for growth, one which builds on the core strengths and traditions of the Company to ensure that it continues to capitalize on sustainable growth opportunities and maximize client service levels, whilst ensuring the highest standards in health, safety, environment and staff welfare.


Grand Marine’s business started in the 1980’s in British Columbia, Canada when President Alfonso M Sotres followed his dream of building a Naval Architecture, Engineering & Consulting Company. The business progressively undertook a widening range of engineering projects, diversifying its range of specialties in the marine industry. The Company continued to focus its efforts on this business activity until the late 2000's, when a resurgence of “bottom reaction semi-submersible barge” engineering started to become a “common” form of docking and launching large challenging marine structures. Since this resurgence Grand Marine has extended it's expertise in this field to apply it to wide and varied applications often thought impossible previously.

Corporate Responsibility

Grand Marine is a socially responsible employer and is committed to maintaining the highest health, safety and environmental standards. We are committed to developing and improving our policies and procedures for the management of safety, the environment and protection of the welfare of our employees.

Key focus areas include:
To maintain and improve upon HSE performance
To continue to recognize the multicultural nature of our employees and clients
Ensuring a high level of awareness and ownership of HSE

Grand Marine’s environmental policy sets out the Company’s environmental philosophy, which encompasses all environmental aspects and measures all potential environmental impacts. It includes the development and implementation of procedures to eliminate or reduce any negative environmental impact to a level of local or international compliance, whichever is the most stringent.