Marine operations

  • Conceptual Engineering

  • Complete Turnkey Operations

  • Oil Rig Skidding, Launching and Dry Docking

  • Transport Sea Motion & Sea Fastening Design

  • Oil Rig, Jacket, Topsides Transportation

  • Module Transportation, Deployment and Installation

  • Float-Off and Float-On Operations

  • Stability, Damage and Ballasting Studies

  • Hurricane and Storm Condition Analysis & Plan

  • Interpretation and Evaluation of Weather Forecasting Data

  • Management and Supervision of Marine Operations

  • Diving Inspections, Repair and Maintenance Work

Bathymetric Surveys & Tide Monitoring

  • Imaginex Side Scan & imaging surveys

  • "Tidemaster" portable tide gauge monitoring
  • Debris/scour/silting surveys

  • Location and recovery of submerged items

  • Underwater low light photography

"Sea Cap 3" on Fraser River Seabed

Anchor in seabed with chain to surface vessel

Stability and Structural Analysis


  • Hydrostatics and Cross Curves (Fixed Trim and Continuously Trimming)

  • Trim and Stability Books

  • Inclining Experiments from small boats to large oil rigs

  • Deadweight Scales

  • Lightship measurement
  • Net and Gross Tonnage Calculations

  • Tank Capacities, Tank Calibrations, Sounding and Ullage Tables

  • Heavy Lift Stability

  • Crane barge stability charts & calculations


  • Full range of Structural Calculations

  • Global and Local Strength Calculations

  • Hull and Girder Strength

  • Longitudinal Bending Moments

  • Deck, Bulkhead, Framing, Plating Strength


  • Optimization of Propellers for Specific Applications

  • Propeller Optimization, Thrust-Resistance Matching

  • Propeller Analysis for Planing Vessels

  • Dynamic Positioning Propulsion System Analysis

  • Tug And Barge Propulsion Analysis


  • Design and Construction

  • Temporary and permanent conversion of existing barges to semi-submersible
  • Operation of Submersible Barges
  • Evaluation for Specific Applications

  • Modifications and Upgrades


  • Engineered Heavy Lifts

  • Evaluation of Floating Cranes

  • Marine Loading Chart Calculation and Certification (crane chart)

  • A-Frame Crane Design

  • Strand jack hoisting systems (barge mounted)